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(March 23, 2019)

Good Morning Bear Creek Community,

I hope everyone's Spring Break has started well!  As you know, we have had three snow days this year and Jeffco has been reviewing the instructional hours at all schools to ensure we are in compliance with CDE requirements.  The snow days have put us below the number of required instructional hours.  Jeffco is applying for a waiver of 7 hours due to the number of schools without power on 3/14; however, even if the waiver is approved, we will still fall short of the required number of instructional hours due to the other two snow days.  In conversation with our leadership team and Dan Cohan (Community Superintendent), it has become necessary to modify our current calendar.  As you are aware, April 26th was scheduled to be a teacher workday.  This will now become a student contact day in order to address our instructional hour’s shortfall.  Having April 26th become a student contact day allows us to make up the most hours, in the shortest time, without significantly disrupting our schedule.  For instance, other options that were considered included extending the school day, using the workdays after 5/23, etc.  If additional adjustments need to be made, I will let you know.  I know a change can be disruptive, but we appreciate your support in meeting our instructional hour’s requirement.

Again, April 26th will now be a student contact day.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jason Smith


Bear Creek K-8

(March 1, 2019)

Dear Bear Creek K-8 Families,

I’d like to share some information, tips, and reminders about students' appropriate use of technology--both at school and beyond the walls of our building--to support learning and student safety.  I also want to inform you that I received reports today of some students being concerned about the "Momo Challenge," a social media hoax (scare tactic). I want to make you aware of this news so you can help to keep a careful eye on your child's internet use.  Here is an article about the “Momo Challenge” if you want to know more.

First, to provide a framework for this communication, here is a
guiding policy regarding student use of the Internet, as outlined in Jeffco Public Schools' Student and Family Handbook (Code of Conduct):

The Internet and related electronic instructional resources are
used in schools to support student learning. The use of these
resources are for educational purposes only when on district
property, at district or school-sanctioned activities or events,
when students are being transported in vehicles dispatched by
Jeffco Public Schools, and off school property when such conduct
has a nexus to school or any district curricular or non-curricular
activity or event.

Teachers and school administration determine use of the Jeffco
Instructional Network based on educational goals of the school
and classroom, and may determine to limit access. Students are
encouraged to use the network to do homework, class-related
research, and class work when appropriate. Students should not
use this network for music, gaming, or non-educational video
streaming. In compliance with the Child Information Protection
Act (CIPA) requirements, this network will be monitored. Jeffco
Public Schools accepts no responsibility associated with loss,
damage, or theft of a device connected to the network."

Next, in terms of education, please know that we provide learning on a regular basis here at school around digital citizenship (e.g., avoiding plagiarism, appropriate use of the Internet, digital footprints, etc.) as well as proper care of devices (e.g., carrying them with two hands, 
not having liquids near a device, having a cover on the device at all times, etc.).

Finally, here are a couple of resources you may wish to explore to help in your decision-making at home around appropriate use of technology for your family:

1) Iste Standards
These are standards for the use of technology in teaching and learning.

2) Family Media Plan
This is a resource you might choose to use as you determine what technology might "look like" in your family.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Jason Smith


Bear Creek K-8

 Good Afternoon Bear Creek Community,

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and all of our students enjoyed the break!  Tomorrow is our first day back from the winter break and I want to remind all of you that our doors open at 7:50 am for students to go to their classrooms (7:40 am for students who eat breakfast).  Middle School classes begin at 8:00 am and Elementary School begins at 8:10 am.  Please help us by ensuring your children are here at school on time and ready to begin the school day.

In addition, we have received many questions regarding when Open Enrollment begins for enrolling students for the following school year.  In the past, this process began immediately after winter break.  However, the enrollment process is different this year.  Jeffco has sent information to all households explaining the new process and we will continue to send out information regarding the new process as well.  Attached to this message is a letter explaining the new enrollment procedures.  In addition, you can go to the Enroll Jeffco webpage containing enrollment information.  All families will need to review this new procedure information. If you have any questions about these new procedures, please contact the main office here at Bear Creek K-8.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our fantastic students tomorrow!


Have a great day!


Jason B. Smith


Bear Creek K-8

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